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    What is the easiest way of creating a new table in XMl?

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    Tables are really quite easy in FG. Copy and paste the following into the appropriate place:


    The <td> tag is a markup tag for table data (like HTML) and you can put as many of them back to back as you like, and repeat for as many rows as you like. So for instance:

    <tr><td>First Column</td><td>Second Column</td></tr>
    <tr><td>2nd Row, 1st Col.</td><td>2nd Row, 2nd Col.</td></tr>

    I just use a program called TextPad, tab space the columns markup in the text file, and then cut and paste the number of rows I want and begin to fill them in. It goes pretty fast that way, especially if you work vertically instead of horizontally when doing the data entry.

    Use the /rulesets/d20/database/classes.xml file for reference, and remember that the table tags have to go between <formattedtext> tags too.

    Hope that helps.

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    Is this the only way? It sure would be nice to be able to open Excell or something and have to deal with just rows and columns somewhere else than in text code.

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