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    Adventure! is mainly done.

    I've finished the major strokes of the conversion for the Adventure! system by White Wolf. If you're interested in seeing it, I've got a couple screenshots (png, 871k & 838k) posted here and here.

    It's was created using a lot of pulp imagery and sources (rayguns, aliens, and other such things). Since the cover of the book is formatted to look like a dime novel, I put that in for the rules reference. I'll post some charactersheet and other images later, but PM me if you're interested.

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    Very cool... not familiar with the game system, but I love the work you've done.
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    Nice job!


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    I've finally finished everything I'm going to do for this one (at least I'm long done with everything I need to play) and the graphics are finally all tweaked and done.

    What follows are some screens of the character sheet and what I put in the portraits folder. I've also brought up some of the images from the first adventure, at the World's Fair (I'm relocating the 1939 Fair to 1929).

    Main Sheet





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    Wow. That is hugely impressive. I LOVE the pictures for the portaits and being used during the game.

    Looks like the character sheet took a lot of work. Well done!


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    Very impressive...

    I just have to say.... WOW!

    How did you change your texture for the desktop? I wanted to change mine, but alas, I cannot figure out how it works......

    Again, good work.
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    The base.xml has a reference to it. It'll tile whatever texture you set, so make sure it's a true texture as opposed to a nice picture.

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    While I'd like to commend you on your work, there is something I'd like to bring up to the community here regarding this ...

    The bottom line here is: do you have permission to convert Adventure! to a Fantasy Grounds ruleset *AND* distribute it? I have to believe the answer to that is no, else you probably would have said so. Thing is, you need written permission to do something like this from the publishing company. It wouldn't be as big of a deal if you were doing this only for yourself, but if you *pass* this around to even one other person or put it up for download by the community (whether you charge money or not) that is a major copyright violation. Unless I'm mistaken Adventure! does not fall under any sort of Open License Agreement like d20, which means reproduction of any kind is against the law.

    As a publisher and industry person I have to protest this for several reasons, the largest being I don't want FANTASY GROUNDS to become a *vessel* for copyright infringement. The last thing SmiteWorks needs is an international lawsuit against them because their property has become the center of a controversy in the RPG community. I'm not saying this is going to happen, but it is a possibility if people violate copyright using thier software.

    What if a publisher (like Code Monkey) wants to approach White Wolf to *legally* work with SmiteWorks and get their products into FG -- such as World of Darkness? If there are violations out there (case in point) against their copyrights -- regardless of whether or not their are currently in production -- the answer is going to be a resounding *NO*. Same goes for any other company out there that does not have an Open License Agreement.

    While I'm not a lawyer, I've been in the gaming industry over 10 years and I've seen this time and time again. Since I plan to publish adventures (and possibly rulesets) in Fantasy Grounds I have to protest this *IF* you plan to distribute this w/o written permission from White Wolf. Who knows ... they may say yes and everything would be happy in Mudville. Or, if you plan to horde this ruleset for yourself and run games for the community then that is another story. But, if you post these ruleset files online w/o proper permission it will be considered against the law. For those of us trying to legally contribute to the FANTASY GROUNDS community as publsihers and enthusists stuff like this extremely hurts our efforts.

    I really hate to be the bad guy here, especially since it looks like Zane did a tremendous job, but in the end you can't do stuff like this w/o permission -- plain and simple.

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    Hey Thore,

    Thanks for the comments, and let me be the first to note that they are charitably hypothetical ("*IF* you plan to do this, then there could be legal trouble..."). I figured this would come up, which is why I only posted screen captures. I'm content not to distribute it without the permissions you describe, not least because I've waited years for something like FG to come along, and I wish them every success in making this the best piece of software it can be.

    At present I have been considering a "light" version that contained none of the game rules information in the reference. I.e., the monsters and reference sections of the ruleset would be blank or include only example templates (entirely made up by me). I could just include steps on how and what to edit to put that info in for those who had the rulebook.

    The main advantage of making this available to others would be the character sheet, NPC sheets, and revised reference information contained in the database folder. The character sheet has been publically available on WW's site for some time, the NPC sheets are derivative of that, and the reference information would be blank, which means there would be nothing in the proposed "light" version that infringes on WW's IP as far as I can see. From this ruleset, others could adapt and develop other WW-based rulesets since the lion's share of development time was the mentioned elements, and I'm sure that would be a benefit to fans of the games as well as being an incentive to buy WW's gamebooks.

    Apart from that, I'm not sure I see any troubling legalities in regards to the non-game materials. If you do, please feel free to point them out, I'm glad you have already done so.


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