I am curious about the map grid feature. I see that you can adjust the grid to whatever size you want pretty much. However, how do you set it so that you have an accurate 5" square? Granted it's not as important when simply moving thru the dungeon, but once you enter combat, it needs to be fairly accurate, IMO. I notice that the tokens are placed on the map for position, but when the squares are small, the token take a lot more squares that the 1 square/5' allotment.

Reason I ask is I am looking to possibly write up The Forge of Fury into FG. The maps are fairly large, with very small squares (possibly 1/8" possibly less) making up the 5' increments. In many cases, this makes for some HUGE rooms. Do I need to adjust the size of the map to allow for a more accurate scale (especially using the tokens), or am I missing something??? Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this.