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    Keen/Improved Critical Extension

    This is a very simple extension that lets you apply the "keen" effect to a PC or NPC. This effect will cause all attacks to have their critical threat range doubled.

    NOTE: Not compatible with Mirror Image Handler extension. The keen functionality will be merged into Mirror Image Handler at some point, and the keen extension will be deprecated.

    Files Modified:

    Date Version Comments
    3/27/2016 1.0 First release.
    11/04/2016 1.1 Updates for FG 3.2.0 release.
    9/14/2017 1.1.1 Fix bug with iterative attacks reported by mr900rr.
    9/19/2017 1.2 Compatibility with FG 3.2.2 release.
    7/23/2019 1.21 Compatibility with FG 3.3.8 release.

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    I have added your extension but I don't see Keen effect in effect ...
    Can you add some screenshots too ?


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    Are you saying that you put the "keen" effect on a PC or NPC but it didn't double their threat range? Or were you expecting a spell or some other action to automatically add the effect?

    The effect works like any other condition effect such as "prone", "blinded", etc. If you're the GM, you can add the effect directly via the combat tracker. If you're a player, you can add an effect action to a new or existing spell on your actions tab and either target yourself or your target to add the effect.

    Maybe if you tell me what you have tried, or how you expect it to work, I can clear up any misconceptions and clarify how to make it work.

    I will add a couple screenshots when I get home tonight.

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    Sorry my english isn't very good ...

    When I open the Window's Effect, I don't see the effect with the name "keen" but if i create a new effect "keen" and add on a PC, he work fine.

    After I play with the "Standard conditions" (appear in the campaign "Effects" list) and I thought the extension created automatically, the effects in the effects window like "Standard Conditions module"

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    This extension does not add anything to the effects window currently. I suppose I could look into doing that, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of value add to that since it's trivial to manually add a keen effect to that window.

    Currently, this extension only modifies the ruleset code to check for existence of the effect and change the critical threat range when found. It's literally like 5-6 lines of new code.

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    This current version of this extension is compatible with 3.2.0.

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    Version 1.1 which is compatible with the final release of 3.2.0.

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    Current version should be 3.2.1 compatible.

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    Current version is 3.2.2 compatible.

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    Current version is 3.3.0 compatible.

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