Dune 2d20
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    don't know if this has been asked...

    I was thinking ahead... (Yes I know that is dangerous)

    When we get into gaming in epic purportions with FG, the tokens we use will get way too big for the token box. Imagine a collosal token, or a 80' AoE fireball.
    Maybe there is a way we can minimize the tokens in the box, or if they go above a set size, say 400 px, there could be a label for the token instead?
    Then you could drag the label, and the token would appear.
    Also, if we could do that, then would it be good to have the option of arranging your tokens as so?

    Right now, if I place the 60 foot radius token in my token box, when I open it, it covers half of the screen.

    Just a thought.


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    any thoughts on this?

    About the tokens in the box. I noticed that the token bags get a mouse over when they have their own folder in the token box. Is this possible for the tokens as well? I ran into a problem with naming the tokens each time I opened a new map. (With 8 players, that can be a pain...)

    Also, with the new AoE pack, any news on a kind of minimized token inside the token box?

    Just wonderin...


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