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    Has anyone put together a ruleset for Dragonstar?

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    I would like to know if there is one, as well.

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    What is Dragonstar?
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    Quote Originally Posted by badphantom
    What is Dragonstar?
    Dragonstar is a shortlived d20 setting by Fantasy Flight Games

    Excerpt from FFG's website
    Welcome to Dragonstar, a boundless universe of magic and machine, science and sorcery. Intrepid adventurers explore the Outlands in starships powered by fusion fire and arcane rituals. Dwarven prospectors work veins of pure adamantite in remote asteroid belts, and elven loremasters conduct secret experiments in living space stations. Grizzled mercenaries augment their bodies with bioengineered spellware, and orc raiders armed with pulse lasers massacre innocents on isolated colony worlds.

    Dragonstar is a unique space-fantasy campaign setting for the d20 System, from Fantasy Flight Games. Written by verteran designers Matt Forbeck and Greg Benage. Prepare to take your adventure to the stars!
    For more info you can visit the official DS site at

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