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    Monsters.XML and adding new monsters


    I've added a monster to the monsters.xml file and its valid XML. However, when I load FG I dont see the monster available in the listing for my campaign.

    What must be done to get the software to load the data?


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    To add monsters

    I believe that you need to copy the d20 ruleset folder to a new folder in your rulesets folder. Call this one what you like... like "my_d20"

    After this, in the campaign.xml file, you need to edit it to point to your ruleset folder.
    The code changes from

    to ".... ruleset="my_d20"

    Hope this helps


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    Ill give that a shot..thanks!

    I also had to edit the base.xml to point to my customized xml datafiles as well.

    in the FantasyGrounds\rulesets\myd20 folder...

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