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    Im thinking of buying fantasy grounds, but i would be using it for Star Wars and not D&D. Im not very techno savvy and have no programming knowledge, i was wondering how hard it would be (if possible) to convert it to SW as opposed to D&D?

    Thanks in advance for any replies,

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    techno-savvy you are not, young padawan?

    Sorry, couldn't resist. I am new too... just bought the app, and I have a friend who is going to buy as well but is a SW GM more than a D&D player. Since it is d20 if someone can create a valid character sheet then the rest is hopefully all up to you as GM. But again, I'm new so I'll let others with the knowledge respond

    *edit* Disregard what I wrote up there... a new ruleset will need to be created as well based on some other things I'm reading. Maybe someone else is working on this.
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    You don't have to be a programmer to make this work. What you do need is patience (because you have to figure out how it does what it does by reading text files), and the ability to edit text files. If you were to go pick up an hour's worth of knowledge in HTML, you'd be all set.

    I'm nearing completion on the conversion I'm doing for a pulp game called Adventure!, published originally as a non-d20 system. I've been basically creating icons, editing text files, and spending a lot of time connecting the dots. It would be LOTS easier if I was doing the d20 version of this game, but as it stands, I'm not finding it all that hard.

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    Patience...ARGH!! :)

    Fair enough ill have to buy it then and slog through the text files. Your making a storyteller version of Adventure! to work on this prog? Good work, do you have plans to convert anything else from the trinity universe or wod, perhaps even exalted? I'd kill for a mod for Mage/Orpheus/Demon/Aberrant. Whatever the case id love to have a look at the Adventure! mod once your done. My email is [email protected].

    Thanks for the replies,

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    I'd be more than happy to send you the stuff once I get it done. I'm actually setting up to do a two parter that goes from Adventure! to Aberrant, and I'll be creating an Aberrant Ruleset when I get to the second campaign (not for a while I hope, this is rather time intensive!). Adapting any ST system game shouldn't be as long as this job was however because the character sheet will only need a few tweaks, the you'd have to revise the desktop graphics (I have new icons for the rulebook, maps, stories, NPC's, monsters, etc.; all based on pulp sources), and finally update the database source files for the rules and monsters.

    Interesting thing is that because the software dice don't support dice pools, I actually had less to do creating this mod. I'll be happy to send you what I have when I get it done. If I remember, I'll post a screenshot of what I've done thus far when I get home tonight.

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    I'm working on a d20 StarWars conversion - someone is creating the character sheets for me, because my skills with Photoshop are... lacking. Once I have that, I'll start porting the ruleset over. I'll keep folks posted on my progress, and I'll probably create a thread once things get started for discussion of my conversion.


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    Check the forums, I believe someone else was working on a Star Wars ruleset, maybe you could team up and help, or possibly use what he has already done.

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    are there any news about the Star Wars RPG ruleset?

    I want to start a Star Wars RPG Campaign soon, and before I start to create a ruleset by myself I would like to know wether there is a finished one or some finished parts like the character sheet out there.


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