Hi, sorry if this has been posted elsewhere.

When I use the tool and have more than one map open, I need to have some of them minimised at the same time to make space for other things.

Now, as all the maps look the same way when they are minimised, sometimes it is hard to know which one I am looking for.

One way to improve the interface would be to either:
1. Have a label on top of the "mimised map" icon, with the title of the map.
2. Or (and I think this would work best, as it wouldn't clutter the play area), write in the title bar of Fantasy Grounds window the title of the "minimised map" icon on top of which you have your mouse pointer (that's the blue bar on top of the window; now it always says "Fantasy Grounds"). This could also work for any other minimised window.

So, what do you think? I have a basic idea of programming with windows, and don't think it would be too difficult (you already have the information pertaining to each icon, because when you double click on one icon, the correct window appears)