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    Erasing on the map

    If I'm hand drawing a map on the fly and I screw up, how do I erase a line? I don't see an eraser fuction.



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    There is a eraser under "Layers". It erases all the drawings made in "Drawing Mode".

    This brings up a request for the devs. I find that I like to make map notes for the players using Drawing Mode. I would like the option to erase all or to just erase as I choose. Is that possible? Sorry if it's been asked and I missed it (or if it's possible and I missed it).


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    I see my playing style as being mostly hand drawing maps as the players see them. That's how I currently handle it in my pnp session. I suppose it's not a deal breaker... but it would be nice to be able to fix screw-ups without wacking the whole drawing. The whole advantage to this program is the lack of required prep time.

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