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    anyone with exp w/real and online players

    does anyone have any experence running a game with FG for both live and online players?

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    Do you mean in combination at once? That wont work I guess, since the DM is typing most of the time (had a six hours session few days ago and my fingers were almost smoking).

    I play with my group both live and online sessions, where we play about 3-4 over FG and then me meet and continue live. That works fine.
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    I have one player that just moved and we are looking into having him still pratipate in our game via the internet and speaker phone.
    I have been looking at different vitrual table top software and like the look and feel of FG better then the others but before i buy need to make sure its what we are looking for and has the functions we need.

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    We played one game with a friend that moved to Georga (we are in Ill) using a webcam and ... netmeeting? It worked ok though sound was hard for him as he picked up what everyone was saying and it was hard for him to sort out what was going on. He had his webcam pointed down into a cup for the dice rolls and we had the webcam on the table so he could see the battle map.

    We only did it that one time.

    FG is not really made for this. Maybe if everyone had a laptop/lan connection and used FG and voip software? Then you could use the voip for comms and just use FG for a battlemap dice rolling. Everyone that could make it to the game would run FG there and your friend at his place. Nice thing about that is if someone could not make it to the game place maybe they could still play using FG at their home.


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