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    Hello JohnD....I am brand new to FG. Also, I fit your "Old School" description quite well. I am looking to see if there are any openings in your Saturday night game... obviously I see that you are looking at a small delay right now, until the end of April, no biggie for me at all. Anyhow, I am looking to get into the VTT side of C&C, but I am a novice overall. I have played a little bit of D&D over 25 years ago, and tried to get a C&C group together (live play) a year or so ago...but alas, to no avail.

    Well, just getting into things so was looking to learn a lot more.


    Hi there. I will have a better idea of what the future holds by April 21st, assuming nothing changes between now and then. Feel free to drop me a PM and we can touch base around that time.
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    sounds good....will attempt to pm you then.


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