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    Thanks for sharing those. Ya fair points. I guess I'm so used to academic and professional conferences I was stuck thinking in that kind of mind set.
    I'm just now discovering a lot of the various training stuff that's out there. If I get up some ambition and time maybe I will reach out to you as I have a few ideas.

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    Not sure where to mention this, but I noticed an issue with the game calender for FG con 8, because I am saturday now, and my game is due to start saturday morning for me, but friday for other people (I think this is the reason) it stopped showing up on the calender for me when the friday games were filtered out, but also stopped showing up for the other players as well.
    The only way to get to and access the event (it was even gone from my events organiser) was to go through a saved permalink that I luckily had.

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    Thanks spite - what was the event - Ill see what I can see. It does drop off events once the day changes (here in Sydney) for events that started on the previous day. I think that is what has occurred.

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    That's the permalink. Not sure how you can work around that if it drops off that way.

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