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    I was thinking about the rapport between screen resolution and scale of the FG window.

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    ah due to issues I can only use a monitor at 1360 x 768

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    I think it might be to do with the positioning of the custom dice in the radial menu. The skill die may be being positioned in the place reserved for the “back” option in the radial menu.

    I haven’t tried using this for years, so I am not sure, but that is what it sounds like to me.

    The resolution would to add a dummy die before the skill die or something similar, to move it past the “back” position.

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    any idea how I would do that? I'm very in the dark here. (sorry, I'm the kind of person who is still learning fantasy grounds and can't program a DVD player's clock to save my life.)

    I know you gotta turn an ext into a zip, and that's how you get to the inner files, and then you turn those files in txt, but I'm afraid to do anything in there.

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    I had this problem, but I cant remember if it's with my myz or fbl extension.

    Please, just let me the time to check.

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    sure thing! My actual game doesn't start until next sunday :P I just like to get ahead of tech issues.

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    I have no problem with the radial menu :

    I upload my latest version of the extension. Maybe a bad upload last time?

    See in first post.

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    Well this is what MY radial looks like MYZ Radial.png

    and this is after downloading the extension again a few minutes ago and creating a new CoreRPG campaign with it
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