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    New 5E Sample Campaign / Tutorial Available

    I put this together a little while ago, but through an oversight, it was getting installed into the Data directory. It is only going out to new installs as well. To manually install it, you can download the link here:

    Unzip that into a new folder under your campaigns folder. This should then give you a new option when you go to Load Campaign.

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    This is a thing of beauty; fantastic work.
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    Pretty nice Doug. It would be nice to have some of that stuff in a module instead (I guess anyone could just export what they want from that campaign into a module now that I think of it). For instance, all of those nice tutorial images would be nice to load into any campaign where you're GMing for new players.

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    Well now... this just makes the last two and a half weeks worth of work on creating an "Introduction and Character Creation" module pointless.

    This is absolutely amazing Doug!

    You have my sincerest thanks a thousand times over,

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    Well I feel kind of bad, then because I tried to push it out about 2 weeks ago but I accidentally pushed it to Core instead of Data, so it wasn't even getting picked up for new installs.

    I'm glad that you like it though. It's probably long overdue.

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    This is a great resource!
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    I unzipped it into my campaign folder but still not seeing it when I try to load campaign.

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    It needs to be unzipped into a folder within your campaigns folder.

    The db.xml file should be located at a file location like the one below, or it won't be recognized.
    <FG Data Folder>/campaigns/5E Sample Campaign/db.xml


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    That is how it shows up.

    Campaigns/5E sample campaign inside that is folders: images, moduledb, portraits, usersettings, then files campaign, campaignregistry.lus, chatlog, db, extensionstate, modulestate, windowstate.

    Thanks for the help

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