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    Hurske's overhead Female Light Elf Tokens.

    Hi everyone, sorry I been really busy and had some things happen since I last started my little upload project.

    Here is my new style of tokes for you all, free of charge. I will try to get out a new pack each week.

    The one thing I wanted different from the other tokens I see, is that the tokens are made with one style, I wanted to change that. So each of my token packs will have one character type, but come with alternate types, such as sword and board, Bow and dagger. The other thing I noticed, is the need to have the tokens mounted. So each pack will also include the character mounted on horseback or the equivalent.

    Note: Im still tweaking the scale of mounted tokens, so the next one should be a little better.

    The pack is contained in my dropbox, here is the link!!

    NOTE: I forgot to include the downed token of her, so if you already have the pack just grab the image here next to the pictures. The download now includes the downed token.

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    Nice, great work!

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    Here is a preview of the next pack. Im still debating on if he should have hair or not, cant decide.
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