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    Having just discovered being able to make new tabs on the story window (thanks tarrasque!) ... whats the best way to use them. How do YOU used them?


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    On my story book, I have 5 tabs

    1) Red chain tab, has all progressive entries, numbered by adventure and order, like:
    1-001: Prelude
    1-002: Attack on the bridge
    1-003: The final journey to Cloudcrest
    1-004: Arriving to Cloudcrest

    2) Purple star tab, has all sub-quests given to the player. Both mandatory quests (i.e. what seems like side elements to the player, but will prove important later) and optional quests (i.e. random missions the players can pick up) are represented on this tab.

    3) Blue flag tab, has all locations. Cities, inns, dungeon room descriptions etc.

    4) Green book tab, has more background information for the campaign, such as adventure synopsis, campaign background, and campaign setting reference like God entries.

    5) Yellow world tab, has all pages that do not fit in anywhere else. Like, no matter how many pages a quests takes, it only has the very first pages on the quest tab. Additional pages are located here to keep the order clean on the quest tab.

    My images and maps binder has 3 tabs:
    1) Blue locations tab, maps over all locations like dungeons, inns and cities.

    2) Green book tab, has reference maps, like grand campaign setting maps, and regional zooms of the world.

    3) Purple portrait tab, has all monster and NPC portraits. Not all NPCs or monsters have a portrait, but the most important ones will definitely be found in here.

    Hope that provides some inspiration.

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    I run my campaigns using modules.

    Create the module, export it then import it to the ongoing campaign.

    Since imported modules always come into the first tab, no matter how tabs were set up in the modules, the first tab is always my module information.

    Second tab I use for key information like notes on previous adventures, shortcuts to spell lists, rumours, etc.

    Third tab I use for campaign locations like the main village the campaign is based on, etc.

    Images, first tab again is module stuff. 2nd Tab for campaign locations, area maps and the like, 3rd tab for NPC pictures and illustrations.

    Personalities, 1st module only personalities, 2nd tab campaign personalities like captain of the guard, etc.

    Not used items yet.

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    Wow look at you guys. And I didn't even know they existed until a couple of days ago.

    Very nice... anyone else?


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