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Thread: TONs of Tokens!

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    TONs of Tokens!

    Ran across this in another forum...

    The "Absurd Net-Hack Art Pack"

    They're not done by me - I just wanted to pass the info along since they look pretty good.

    I'll post the individually sliced images to my website as soon as I have a chance to.

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    Very Nice, thx for sharing the link.
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    The individual images (in tile format) are now available for perusal here.

    The Image Pack(s) are available here.


    Permission has been granted by John Shaw to host the files on my site.

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    This is what I call a Token Pack

    Fantasy Adventures, Maps & Electronic Modules

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    Some useful stuff there, Will be great with a token organiser. :P

    Ohhh when is 1.4 out???

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    Great, thanks Talis!

    Really appreciate you putting these up.

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    do the links to this still work?
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    Check ... I tried to upload everything from here there so they would be easier for newer folks to find.


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