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Thread: Shared notes?

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    Shared notes?

    Is there a way to create notes which every player can edit? If GM or PC creates a public note, everyone can see, but only the creator can edit as far as we can tell.

    We always write an extensive diary of PC actions, and players would take turns writing it. Also having another notepad for general shared notes would be useful, where anyone can add or edit.

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    As you are experiencing, only the creator and the GM can edit notes. This is the way the FG database access operates. The best way to work it is to have an owner for a master notes entry, and they can view the other player notes and update the master as required.
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    Ok, thanks. Not optimal, but we can work with that.

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    what you might like to do is transfer the notes to the Calendar at the end of each session - this might really enhance your ability to look back and see what happened. it is still manual though - only the GM can edit the calendar.

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