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    That temple entrance map would be great for Saventh-Yhi in City of Seven Spears (Serpent's Skull Adventure Path).

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    I might actually look into that and learn about that adventeure path maybe ill make some more maps related to it.
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    Serpent's Skull is one of my absolute favorite Adventure Paths from Paizo. I feel it's very underrated. Pretty epic.

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    I love these maps. thank you so much for these. it really helps

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    Thanks man much appreciated. I recently made 3 more you guys can enjoy.

    Opera House.jpg
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    thanks for sharing

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    That dungeonthingy one is awesome. And the Opera House reminds me of Council of Thieves book 2. Did anyone play that one? It was awesome. The party has to participate in something called a "murder play." It's a play in which the characters in the play die, but it's not fake. The actors have to really "get in to their roles." A really fun adventure, that one.

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    Glad youre liking them thanks alot

    I really need to name some of my maps more appropriately, but sometimes iam not even sure if i finish some of them and just give them a temp name.
    About the opera house i heard alot of people saying it reminds them of final fantasy 9? i believe. But then again its just a generic opera house haha.
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    Yea. That is just the first thing that came to mind. I haven't played Final Fantasy.
    I'm a terrible drawer, but with dungeon painter and photoshop, even I can put some cool stuff together. But a lot of these maps some of you guys do is a couple steps above what us amateurs can pull off. I'm glad you share them.

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