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    My Website's Down...

    Well, it seems that my webspace provider has left me twisting in the wind - I can't even get to their support site. :evil:

    I'm going to be moving everything back to GoDaddy.com as soon as I can (it's cheaper anyway) - I should have just stayed with them in the first place.

    This also means that all my [whoever]@otalisman.com are not currently working until the switch is made.

    My apologies for any problems this may have caused...

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    (This is Elric - for some reason I can't get into the forums as my regular nick so I had to re-register)

    Update: I was able to make a complete site backup from my old site as of the morning of 2/23. I'm in the process of uploading the files and re-establishing the databases so I will (hopefully) be back online by tonight or Friday.

    It's takes time to move a 900M website - even on cable. :?

    All my prior email addresses are working now though.

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    hey... :evil: what have you donne to Elric.. Do you expect that we fall on that one. :evil:

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