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    [FGDaze] Chronicles of Darkness Wellington School for Gifted Children

    Session Time: 2000 GMT
    Calendar Link:
    Number of Players: 3 to 5
    Short Description: The children of Wellington School are special, brilliant, and strange. Are they the cause or the reason for the strange and sometimes deadly occurrences that happen around the school? You, the faculty, are about to find out.
    Text/Voice: OOC will use the FG Teamspeak Server. IC will also use Teamspeak and text as required.

    Other useful info includes: I am a seasoned FG GM, however this is my first time with Chronicles of Darkness. We will use the World of Darkness ruleset, which is nearly but not quite Chronicles of Darkness compatible.

    Game System: Chronicles of Darkness
    Genre: Modern Investigative Horror
    Newbie Friendly: Yes
    Pre-requisites (esp for AL and PFS): Headset and Mic. I have an Ultimate License so all are welcome.

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    Sounds interesting. I would like more information on day, time, and character creation.

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    Its a one shot running this Saturday - probably mid afternoon your time.
    All the details are in the post above

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    I'm interested in trying this out, if the timeanddate thing is correct, I should be available for this. Unless the random real life incident happens, of course.

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    Characters will be pregens, working on them now. Currently I have an Ex Con on the straight and narrow, a recently qualified Professor looking for work and an Ex Cop enjoying retirement and working on a Catholic Priest and one more.

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    Your story-line sounds interesting. I haven't bought Fantasy Grounds yet, but I plan to demo it over the week-- so I'm not too much the rookie and get a better idea on how it plays. A short, newbie friendly spot on your adventure board would certainly help kick me in the right direction. I used to play D&D and even DM'd a few times-- I enjoyed the hell out of it.

    So what do I need to be in the line-up?

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    Nyth, easy, sign up here!

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    Well... That was too easy. :P

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    Is the ruleset working properly?
    Does it open character sheets?


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    Quote Originally Posted by gandhi39 View Post
    Is the ruleset working properly?
    Does it open character sheets?
    See my response here:
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