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    More then one item under Houserules?

    I wonder how i can get more then one link in the houserules block.

    I tried the following:

       <node name="houserule">
          <node name="00001">
             <stringvalue name="name" value="Houserule1" />
             <formattedtext name="text">
    Text 1
       <node name="00002">
             <stringvalue name="name" value="Houserule2" />
             <formattedtext name="text">
    Text 2
    This works for the first entry, but the second one does not appear.

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    Yes, but there is a slightly ill-defined parameter in rulesets\d20\d20_reference.xml, which you must correct:
    			<windowlist class="houserulesmall">
    				<bounds rect="253,189,200,25" />
    25 defines the height of the box containing different houserules, increasing it to, say 80, will give space for three houserules. Note also that the contents of the houserules will look better if you enclose them between formatting tags (such as <p></p> for paragraph).

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    Also note that the houserules box scrolls, so if you put the mouseover you can scroll up and down the list using the wheel to find items that might not be displayed in the window.

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    Thanks, now it works

    I know how to format the text, this was only a short sample My only Problem now is to find a way to use ,,,. The htmlspecialchars didn't work, they produced parse errors.

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