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    Progress continues.

    Managed to convert loads of text and tables.

    CHARACTER CREATION - Text/Formatted - have completed Agent, Scout, Drifter and Army for testing before I do the rest (all tables are linked)
    COMBAT - Done
    ENCOUNTERS AND DANGERS - Done, problems with a few tables that'll need handcoding once rulebook is done, for column spanning and 2d6 rather than d12 etc.
    EQUIPMENT - Underway - scratching head how best to do...

    At the moment my thinking with Equipment is to list it all and then once I've got linked items working, drop in tables with the items all linked - ready to be dragged onto Character sheets.

    Stuff still to think about:

    2. Think about Encumbrance - it's a Dice Modifier in certain circumstances for certain skills...
    3. Add Advantage and Disadvantage buttons to the desktop (like D&D 5E have)
    4. NPCs character sheets
    5. Combat Tracker
    6. Check all dice show target number of 8, and show SUCCESS of FAILURE
    7. Anything else that comes up in play testing!

    I suspect I'll have to try and automate as much as possible, as traveller is all about add that DM, use that DM, adjust by that DM and so on.

    Traveller Rulebook - Drifter Career.pngTraveller Rulebook - Army Career Tables.png

    So once I've solved Equipment I'll report back. @Damned is doing a fine job on a new skin for this ruleset....


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    Going to test the character generation tonight with my Test Group.

    Made some progress over the past week but sadly work has got in the way, seems we employ an idiot that means I have to clean up his very crap code.

    Anyway, here's some screen shots of Damned's fine skin that he's been working on.

    New Traveller Screen shot.pngNew Traveller Screen shot 2.pngNew Traveller Screen shot 3.png

    80% of all text from the Rulebook has been formatted, of the 12 careers only 4 remain to be laid out and tables to be created (Scholar, Citizen, Entertainer and Nobility), all the others are done including the Psion.

    Finally started to sort Equipment. I'm going to create a stand alone module (like 3.5E for spells) for Equipment, and split it into the various sections.

    So will fix anything found tonight and then crack on!


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    More progress has been made, been working on the Psi Talents and stuff for the odd character you might have for this skills....

    Note these screens are WiP as the theme is being updated as well.


    Plus I've been given some insight to better formatting features so going to go back and make things a bit better laid out in the Rules set.

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    Morning folks,

    Just thought I'd update this thread. Been busy on some Cthulhu stuff recently, and sadly work has had be working 12 hour days (need to finish a project). However back on Traveller very soon.

    Character Sheet is almost there. PSI Talents need the PSI Strength DM applying. Some Skin work is required for the new tabs.
    Rulebook - All text is converted and due to new formatting features in 3.1.6, I'll be going back and tidying it all up, as well as creating a Character Sheet checklist.
    Equipment - Basis work on the Equipment module has been completed, works with the character sheet, needs finishing up.
    Scripting - still to be done, NPC's and Combat Tracker.....

    Hoping to be done end of March, and then get into testing with my own group. I've written a sample scenario that I'll give to FG.

    So I plan to post regular updates here once I'm back into the Groove.


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    Great stuff, look forward to seeing this in play

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bottulf View Post
    Great stuff, look forward to seeing this in play
    Cheers - I'll be posting some updates soon, been updating the ruleset and adding in pictures, once I'm done I'll spread the new screenies....then it's down to the hard part, scripting!

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    This looks interesting! If you need some help testing or even entering data, let me know. I've been wanting something like this for quite some time but never had the time to figure out the FG scripting stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DickNervous View Post
    This looks interesting! If you need some help testing or even entering data, let me know. I've been wanting something like this for quite some time but never had the time to figure out the FG scripting stuff.
    All the data is entered, now the fun begins - applying the new formatting changes to the existing Rulebook - then it's onto more scripting...

    Here's a screeny of the work recently, got the next few hours to get more and more done (no kids today!).

    Traveller 1st Edition - WiP 1.jpg

    Right, will grab a cuppa, some biscuits and crack on!

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    Would really like to play this. Along with D&D, this was my next go to role playing game...

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    Some good progress today, but gotta stop to join my Sunday evening (I know it's Monday - Bank Holiday here) game.

    I've managed to get Character Gen sorted (Agent is fully done, waiting for comments on that from my test group before I roll out to the other careers), have updated Aliens and Skills and added pictures, plus sorted formatting etc.

    Traveller 1st Edition - WiP 8.jpg

    Still a way to go, but after my game I'll continue for a bit.


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