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    Traveller (Mongoose Publications version)

    Greetings all,

    I've been working on the Traveller Core Rulebook for a little while. It's my first go at a Ruleset and so has been a large learning experience which has been seen with the many questions I've been posting!

    Earlier today I completed the character sheet and all the scripting - that's ready now for testing and I'll be running a testing game session within a few weeks.

    Attached are some screen shots of it, based on the CoreRPG ruleset and skin.

    Damned has been kind enough to offer to make a skin for the ruleset, so the character sheet might move around a little.

    So at this point I'm working on transferring the rules from the rulebook into FG. Hopefully once I've got Par5e behaving it'll be a lot easier than hand coding (I suspect I'll have to hand code some parts).

    Traveller Character Sheet - Main.pngTraveller Character Sheet - Skills - Updated.pngTraveller Character Sheet - Equipment.pngTraveller Character Sheet - Personal.pngTraveller Character Sheet - Notes.png

    I also plan to create an example scenario that I'll attach to the Ruleset so it can be played off the bat (as they say).

    What's left? A fair bit but here's a short list.

    1. Create Core Rulebook and Space Craft Modules (Core rulebook underway)
    2. Think about Encumbrance - it's a Dice Modifier in certain circumstances for certain skills...
    3. Add Advantage and Disadvantage buttons to the desktop (like D&D 5E have)
    4. NPCs character sheets
    5. Combat Tracker
    6. Check all dice show target number of 8, and show SUCCESS of FAILURE
    7. Anything else that comes up in play testing!

    I'm happy the character sheet is done, as a lot of the game is run via the skills, it's all automated from the sheet.

    I'll keep this thread posted as I cross off the above lists. The Core Rulebook will take a fair bit of time, there's a lot of tables.


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    WOw.... You are awesome!

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    This is looking great, can't wait to see it in action.

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    Been having a number of issues with Par5e for the rulebook, but can manually fix most.

    Here's a small example of what I've done this afternoon, getting to grips with Par5e over doing this manually - still quicker but would be nice if I could get the source code and fix these bugs.

    Traveller Rulebook - First Screen shot.png

    Note this is all being done via CoreRPG but that's cool as most of the character sheet is built on top of it (as recommended).

    Will crack on tonight converting more, one question if anyone can answer. If I use Par5e to export a reference manual, can I create tables, the screen shot shows a table that would be nice for it to allow you to roll.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MadBeardMan View Post
    If I use Par5e to export a reference manual, can I create tables, the screen shot shows a table that would be nice for it to allow you to roll.
    Page 12 (13 in the PDF) of the PAR5E CoreRPG documentation (PAR5E CoreRPG User Guide.pdf) says you can.
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    Hi Dude,

    I watched the video from Xorn and he didn't do much except create an empty tables.txt (which I did) and didn't do any formatting and yet they were created and linked inline into the background.txt.

    Doesn't seem to do that from the referencemanual though, so I've not got a clue how to link a separate table back into the reference manual.

    Also page 12 says:

    Output to Reference! No

    I have also found the manual is wrong in a few areas, says the document should be called 'refmanual.txt' when in fact it needs the full name.


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    the Par5e doco - particularly for the CoreRPG section is not very up to date - there are a lot of errors and omissions.
    have a look thru the 5e par5e thread for examples of tables - they do I believe work similarly...

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    Actually the syntax for rollable tables is a bit different in CoreRPG Par5e.

    [Step1.1] is the table or item its linking to in the example below...

    #@;Saga Generator
    #@;SG Tables
     row;1;1;Krongar and the Prophecy...
    row;2;2;Krongar and the Caverns...
    row;3;3;Krongar and the Hills...
    row;4;4;Krongar and the Thieves...
    row;5;5;Krongar and the Wizard(s)...
    row;6;6;Krongar and the Battle...

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    Got it working, here's what I did, inside my reference doc I have it as:

    #zl;table;Agent Mishaps
    Within tables.txt I have:

    ##;Agent Mishaps
    #!;Agent Mishaps
    row;1;1;Severely injured in action. (This is the same as a result of 2 on the Injury table.) Alternatively, roll twice on the Injury table (page 37) and take the lower result.
    row;2;2;A criminal or other figure under investigation offers you a deal. Accept, and you leave this career without further penalty (although you lose the Benefit roll as normal). Refuse, and you must roll twice on the Injury table and take the lower result. You gain an Enemy and one level in any skill you choose.
    row;3;3;An investigation goes critically wrong or leads to the top, ruining your career. Roll Advocate 8+. If you succeed, you may keep the Benefit roll from this term.
    row;4;4;You learn something you shouldn’t know, and people want to kill you for it. Gain an Enemy and Deception 1.
    row;5;5;Your work ends up coming home with you, and someone gets hurt. Choose one of your Contacts, Allies or family members, and roll twice on the Injury table for them, taking the lower result.
    row;6;6;Injured. Roll on the Injury table.
    So when you 'parse' using Par5e it generates the client.xml.

    <link class="reference_table" recordname="[email protected]">Agent Mishaps</link>
    The 'reference_table' needs changing to 'table'

    And then Volia! The table appears, ready for you to roll away....

    Traveller Rulebook - Agent Mishaps table..png

    So I need to go back and redo all the tables I've already done (not a huge issue). Just makes character creation that bit better.

    Edit: Just noticed I need to change the column heading to 'Mishap' oops, it's late....

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    So here's what I've got done today.

    Nothing major, still fighting with Par5e (but winning now that I've got tables sorted).

    Here's some screen shots.

    Traveller Rulebook - 1st day progress..pngTraveller Rulebook - 1st day progress - 2..pngTraveller Rulebook - 1st day progress - 3..pngTraveller Rulebook - 1st day progress - 4..png

    I plan to go back and make all the rollable tables actual rollable tables, making Character Creation that more interactive.

    You may notice the following chapters aren't listed:


    These will be put into their own module (to be with the core rules) unless they're small enough to fit into one larger ruleset, not sure yet.

    What I'd like to be able to find out now, is if you can place images alongside text so within each character class I can display the various artwork that's part of the rules (not showing here for legal reasons).

    Anyway that's me done, might get more done tomorrow - but it's New Years Eve and no idea what's happening.


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