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    Welcome Nibelungo

    If its to do with this tool then post it here in this thread.
    If its to do with FG in general post it in the House of Healing or review any of the many other Dual Monitor threads and see if your answer is there.

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    it works well and looks good but i do hate having to select three different locations to print off one character

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    On page two of HTML output, the character name is included twice for the 5E XSL (line 327). Much of the title text is too large and over writes adjoining fields. Some tweaks to the XSL will fix most of this.

    I'd attach the modified XSL, but I apparently don't have permission to do so.
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    I haven't gone through the whole thread, are they collecting comments?
    For the 5E sheet: Background, race, Experience points, Alignment text is too large and overlaps.
    In general I like the looks better than the alonline tool.
    Once it is readable it will be great.

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    My buddy and I took a peek and would like to take a crack at making the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition character sheet... Before we dive too deep, I just wanted to check in and make sure no one else is tackling this?
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    Not to my knowledge. You can run a google search and see if anything comes up.

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    Edit: I am stupid. I accidentally mixed PNG and JPG files. I can load local images now.
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    This is where I am too. I don't understand what I need to do

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjod27 View Post
    I have downloaded the Mac version, I add all the data and click the button and nothing happens. Am I missing something?
    This is what I have done too. I click the button and nothing happens. I can anyone help me?

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    Just tried this out for the first time today. Was disappointed it doesn't seem to print spells or actions. Is there something I need to do differently for that?

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