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    NOOB questions

    So, I'm just getting started with FGC for my Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure that has been on hiatus with my players currently in different parts of the country. The PCs were all created in Hero Lab and I've figured out how to use the converter. So far, so good.

    My main question is exactly which Pathfinder modules do I need in order to make the PCs functional in FGC? The PCs were created with various source books, like Ultimate Magic, Advanced Class Guide, Advanced Race Guide, etc. Will the various feats, spells etc. from their Hero Lab-generated characters work in FGC? Do I really need to purchase the FGC versions of those source books all over again, or are the FGC versions more like reference material so players can look up their abilities, etc? I know there are some user-generated modules that cover some of this, but I'm trying to figure out how this all fits together.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    As I am new to this also, I do know that the source books are important so that the FGC system can provide the necessary options in Character Generation, rules, etc.

    I am sure someone will give a more detailed explanation. I tried creating some characters without the source books uploaded and I did not get access to everything till they were uploaded to the FGC platform.

    Not sure if this helps!

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    If you are importing from Herolab, most (if not all) information you need will be imported into Fantasy Grounds. You might have to go into the character to organize, adjust, and add effects, but most of the stuff should be in there. Adding sources (like spell modules) from the PF forum into the converter utility will also assist in adding spells that might have gotten missed during conversion. I have also noted that Herolab likes to amend the archetype onto the class names, so spells might not be ported over if you have a spell caster using an archetype. You'd have to go into the .hlfg file and remove the archetype prior to converting that into XML.

    If you are building your character using the drag and drop method, then yes, you would need to get sources to drop from. Take a look at the OGL content in the PF forums as there are a bunch of user created items there (and more in creation by me).
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    That's reassuring. I already paid for the hardcover books from Paizo and the relevant modules on Hero Lab. Buying them a third time would be a bit much! I'll see if I can make it work.


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    I'll mention that I think the import from PCGen is a bit smoother than Herolabs.
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    Thanks. I'll have to take my chances with Hero Lab. They're 12th level characters and recreating them in PCGen, which most of my players have never used, would be time consuming. But it's good to know we have another option if we run into any snags with a particular character.

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