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    Universal Character Sheet Printer for FG

    If any brave souls want to help test out some new character sheet printing features for FG, please check the following links. There are XSL sheets for D&D 4E, D&D 5E and Deadlands Reloaded. You should be able to look at those files (the deadlands and 5E ones may be the easiest to follow) and build your own XSL sheets or modify the ones included. This is just an early alpha stage at this point. If we like this general approach, then we can look to include this functionality as a built-in component to Fantasy Grounds once we complete the move to Unity.

    Link to the file:



    Steps to print your character:
    1. Launch the Campaign and go to the Character Select Window
    2. Export the character using the list menu (turn on first)
    3. Launch the character printing tool
    4. Select an XSL sheet that matches that system (only 3 supported right now)
    5. Select your character xml file that you exported earlier
    6. Select the name of the output HTML
    7. View the result in the launched web browser and print

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    I was really excited when I saw this thread title! Sadly, it appears I was misled by the word "universal". I would be so happy if this worked for 3.5E and PFRPG.

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    I *think* the intention is to test it and bed it down on the above rulesets and if its good and worthwhile it may get expanded

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    It is Universal in that the tool doesn't care which XSL file is used to layout the content, the ruleset used or what images are used for the background image that you overlay text over. Because each ruleset and each background image is unique, though, it does require someone to perform that layout. If you look in the folder for StreamingAssets/XSLSheets, you will find several XSL files there for the 3 systems it currently supports. You can open this up inside of Notepad++ and see how it references the various data elements and positions them on the page with relatively easy to follow top and left positioning of an HTML div tag.

    For Deadlands and D&D 5E, these refer to images that we have placed on our server; however, you could be pulling these from anywhere -- including from the same directory as your XSL and character HTML files.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Callum View Post
    I was really excited when I saw this thread title! Sadly, it appears I was misled by the word "universal". I would be so happy if this worked for 3.5E and PFRPG.
    What's wrong with PCGen for 3.5e and PFRPG? :-)
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    I currently use PCGen for 3.5E and PFRPG! But it means manually updating the characters in PCGen every time (as well as coding in all the non-core stuff). If there was some way of exporting characters from FG and importing them into PCGen, that would make me very happy, too!

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    Will this run against a db.xml if the XSL supports the multiple characters? Is it just running an XSLT transform of the XML to HTML? I've got number of XSL and CSS scripts for rulesets I've produced over the years (e.g. The One Ring, Babylon 5 d20). I usually use JEdit to run the transformation.
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    Great tool.

    But the skill names on the backgound pic are hard to read when printed out.

    Thanks for your great work

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    You can, although the XSL would have to support it and expect multiple characters. Because of how XSL handles variables, they can only be set once, so you wouldn't be able to use variables as shortcuts and would need to be a bit more verbose with your expressions.

    Thegroo, which character sheet were you using? Would it be better to put some white fill behind the text?

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    I'm using the 5e sheet.
    Don't know about the white fill, i think it needs a bigger font size.

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