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    D20 Modern Ruleset

    D20 Modern ruleset.

    - All the Base Cases and Advanced Classes in the core rulebook, including the campaign specific ones.
    - Complete list of spells from the Core Book, including character sheet support.
    - Complete list of psionic powers from the Core Book, including character sheet support.
    - All the creatures from the D20 Modern SRD, standard and advanced.
    - All the creatures from the Menace Manual SRD, standard and advanced.
    - Weapon, Armor and General Equipment tables.

    Download it at.

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    Thanks loads Bag! I know a few people I can use this with to draw them to Fantasy Grounds. I'll punch through it and post my comments here.

    - Thore

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    Can I mirror this file on my site as well?

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    I just downloaded it and wow.... Great work!
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    Bagpuss, can we host it on as well?



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    Hi there!

    Looks like I have some problems using your zip (I'm a newbie to FG). I do not know where to install its contents. The few installs I tried made the whole fantasy grounds crash and forced me to reinstall the whole thing (full licence).

    Perhaps you've got some tips for me? Thanks!

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    In the Fantasy Grounds folder there should be a sub-folder called "rulesets". extract this zip into a folder called "d20 Modern" that you create in the "rulesets" folder.

    Most zip extractors allow you to unzip a file into a folder named the same as the file, that's the easiest way to do it.

    Either way you should have a ruleset folder with the following subfolders.

    d20 Modern

    d20 Modern will contain everything in the zip.

    if you still have problems make sure the "d20" folder contains a file called "d20_export.xml" if it doesn't then you haven't got the most recent version upacked in there, which could be causing the problems. In which case you need to run the Resource Extractor call unpack.exe which you can find in this thread.

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    Thanks a lot Bagpuss.

    It works now. I just didn't realize that I had to call the folder in "rulesets" the same way as the zip. Then, I tried to implement the "data" in the "data" folder of FG, resulting in the crash of the software.

    But now it works! Thanks again!

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    First time I had a look at this ruleset and I must say its very well done. Alot of effort has been put inot this. Thx Bagpuss, Im gonna play a CoC game with this.
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