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    Guides, videos and other helpful information

    You will find below a list of tutorial videos, guides and other helpful information to help you run your Fantasy Grounds games using the 5E ruleset. This isn't necessarily an exhaustive list but it is a selection of the best resources specific to the 5E ruleset. Neither is it a static list; it will be updated as and when new information or guides are produced. If you think something should be included here then post your suggestion in the forum.

    Basic Questions

    What do I need to play 5e?

    Video Tutorials

    Version 3.2 Update Video
    Smiteworks Tutorial Videos on YouTube
    Xorn's Tutorial Videos on YouTube
    Dulux-Oz's Videos on YouTube
    Table Toppings tutorial video series on YouTube
    Zacchaeus' Tutorial video series on You Tube
    5e Twitch Stream List for New DMs and Players
    Creating Races in Fantasy Grounds (5e)
    Creating Backgrounds in Fantasy Grounds (5e)
    Class Creation in Fantasy Grounds (5e)
    Story Templates in Fantasy Grounds (5e)
    Dungeon Master's Guide Walkthrough by ddavison
    Series of Videos on 5E effects
    Creating Random Encounters Video
    Creating a Tokens Module video
    Giving Players control of an NPC video
    Point Buy video
    Character Creation Series of videos
    Sidekicks in Unearthed Arcana

    Fantasy Grounds College

    Get online help with the Fantasy Grounds College

    Written guides and information

    Fantasy Grounds User Manual in the Library (includes most of the articles below).
    Using the Fantasy Grounds interface on the Wiki
    More complex usage of the interface in this thread
    Creating a Character from the 5E Wiki
    Creating a character written Guide by Gwydion
    Using and Creating Effects From the 5E Wiki (see also below)
    A list of effects in this thread
    Using the Combat Tracker from the 5E Wiki
    Creating NPCs from the 5E Wiki
    Using the Party Sheet from the 5E Wiki
    The Options and what they do in the 5E Wiki
    Creating Items from the 5E Wiki
    Keyboard Shortcuts in this post of the forums
    How to Automate effects on NPCs in this forum post
    Module Creation Best Practice by Lord Entrails
    Interactions and Observations by Nickademus
    Custom Calendar Tutorial by mattekure

    Complete Package series. Each of the links below will lead to a short tutorial on setting up effects for each class's abilities. The 'package' includes a downloadable character file showing all of the effects already set up.
    The Complete Barbarian effects package
    The Complete Cleric effects package
    The Complete Bard Package
    The Complete Druid Package
    The Complete Rogue Package
    The Complete Fighter Package
    The Complete Monk Package
    The Complete Paladin Package
    The Complete Ranger Package
    The Complete Sorcerer Package
    The Complete Wizard Package
    The Complete Warlock Package

    Effects for all of the archetypes in Xanathar's Guide to Everything (XML characters and videos)

    Character Sheet Printing
    Adventureres League Online
    Universal Character Sheet Printer

    Developer Assets

    Art Asset List for 5e Themes - Nickademus
    5e Asset Templates (For creating Classes, Backgrounds, Story, reference etc from XML) - Also by Nickademus
    A place to communicate to developers what you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds
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    If there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea to the wish list http://fg2app.idea.informer.com/

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