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    Great fix Ikael, thanks!
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    Thanks for the MOD! It is greatly appreciated.

    FWIW, I am another 'class of 1977' DM. I picked up the original boxed set (probably in late 76), wasn't super happy with it, and the blue box set got me going since it was actually coherent. Moved on to AD&D for a long time and finished my D&D run with BECMI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whaley View Post
    I have implemented your change, no issues anymore (much appreciated!)however my question now is, besides the description are they all meant to be blank when you open up the abilities? For example, Vampire special ability Very Tough, no description and when i click on the button to bring up the description it is blank...I feel like they used to be filled in...(All the abilities are in the Main tab with descriptions)
    It seems that sw_referencefeat has slightly differently named database nodes. You would need to do following:
    • Rename edges, hindrances and special's <ability type="string">XXX</ability> into <type type="string">XXX</type>
    • Rename edges, hindrances and special's <text type="formattedtext">XXX</text> into <benefit type="formattedtext">XXX</benefit>
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