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    HI Everyone!!

    I bought this app yesterday and I must confess I think it is amazing! I want to collaborate as much as I can to this project. Since I am Spanish (living abroad so my English should be good enough for translations) most of my manuals are in Spanish, which pose a problem when using specific modules or adventures. I don't mind expending some of my time translating as much as I can to make the app fully compatible with Spanish modules. I have some doubts first though, I hope you can show some light:
    Read my previous post, I've already translated to Spanish, but since I've changed a lot of things from the original Lpak files, I've decided not to post here.

    My spanish translation currently contains:

    1. Translation of CoreRPG.
    2. Translation of SW.
    3. Translation of Background & Advances Tab.
    4. Translation of SW4_Theme_RedWhite_v2.

    All packaged in a single extension with lots of new spanish icons.

    You can help me polishing the extension, or use at it is.

    I am trying to fix a bug that I think it is beyond my knowledge of lua and I have to ask for help to the portuguese collegue that made the translation to Portuguese.

    This is currently the look of the extension:

    Drop me a pm with your email and I will send you the extension to test.


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    Finally, all new icons:

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