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    How does FG sort things?

    I'm converting FG to Mutants and Masterminds. I'm tearing out all of the included monsters and rebuilding the monster database to match the rules used in MnM. I was hoping to group items in the monster database by type (animals, bystanders, minions, supers, etc.), and then alphabetically within the type category. I'd like the list in the monster "book" to look something like this:

    Atom Man
    Blue Bomber
    Kangaroo Man
    Zorko the Destroyer

    It would be even nicer to have each category seperated with a divider in the list, but I can live without it.

    I haven't had much luck in getting FG to sort for anything besides "name". I could append descriptors to the name (Minion, Thug, Elite), but I like using the dialogue bubble to "get into character", and I don't want my dialogue coming out like this:

    Minion, Thug, Elite: Hands up before I pump ya full a lead!

    Really kills the mood.

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    I believe the monster section by default sorts automatically on the node.

    So for example...

    		<node name="stardoppelganger01tiny">	
    			<stringvalue name="name" value="Star Doppelganger, Tiny" />
    Comes before

    		<node name="stardoppelganger02small">	
    			<stringvalue name="name" value="Star Doppelganger, Small" />
    In the list they appear as

    Star Doppleganger, Tiny
    Star Doppleganger, Small

    if I hadn't put the numbers in, then the order would be reversed as S comes before T.

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