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    I find it very difficult to hunt down all these extensions from various different threads. Wouldn't it make a lot more sense to have some sort of extension repository where they all live together in glorious harmony?
    You can always subscribe your favorite extension thread and you would get email notification if new posts, such as updates are posted there.
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    While working on a SWADE theme, I noticed that my bennies wouldn't show up properly when dragged to the chat window. Eventually, during my troubleshooting efforts, I created a completely new SWADE campaign and working with ONLY the DOE Base and Sound Extensions I was able to narrow it down to the Sound extension. If I select the Sound extension the benny does not work properly. If I de-select it and just run the Base, the benny works (see attached images). I re-downloaded the two extensions to make sure I had the latest version. Still the problem persists.

    DOE Base Benny works.PNG

    DOE Base and Sound - Benny fails.PNG
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