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    [FGDAZE] Deadlands Reloaded - Guess Who's Coming to Donner?

    Winter is supposed to be a time of peace, and dinner is supposed to be a time of sharing. O’ course, winter ain’t due quite yet, and the Weird West is supposed to be a land of plenty, but supposin’ don’t fill nobody’s belly.

    Heed the call to find a party lost in Truckee Pass. What’s a little unseasonable light snow? And who cares if the pass is better known for the last lost party, the Donners?

    I hear south o’ the border they say not to drink the water. Up here in the Sierra Nevadas, we say don’t have your neighbors for dinner. It’s only good advice if you take it, amigo. Otherwise, evil may come to Pass…

    Time: 2pm GMT. 5th December
    Ruleset: Savage Worlds
    Voice: FG Teamspeak Community Server. You will need a headset and mic.
    Pregens will be supplied

    This session will last for approximately 4 hours.
    New players and old hats welcome.
    Ultimate License Holder - My games are free to play
    Timezone: GMT

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    I have everything as I said new to Fantasy Grounds. I would like to get with you for Character creation if we need too. I am in the Eastern Time Zone. Will check in on and around 4pm EST I know the game is tomorrow 9am est i think please correct me if am wrong. I will be there saw the update was tired. Thanks.
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    Yes, the game is at 9am EST. 2pm GMT.

    Connection details are:

    FG Server Password: Quiet Turtle Ugly Dungeon
    Teamspeak: ts.fg-con.com
    Password: Dungeoneers

    I will supply pregen characters for this session

    See you all soon
    Ultimate License Holder - My games are free to play
    Timezone: GMT

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    Thanks for a fun game everyone, I enjoyed running this for you.
    Ultimate License Holder - My games are free to play
    Timezone: GMT

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