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    Conversion from PC <--> NPC

    What's the process I have to go through to take advantage of the drag-n-drop functionality of converting between PC's and NPC's that I see listed as a recent patch in the changelog? Thanks.

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    Hmm can you post the relevant verbiage please?
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    [CoC] Unable to drop NPC on character list for conversion to PC. Fixed.
    [CoC] Conversion of NPC to PC was not handling skills correctly. Fixed.

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    This is only for Call of Cthulhu [CoC], and not Castles and Crusades [CnC].

    Call of Cthulhu has much simpler PC and NPC records, so the ruleset developer was able to come up with a one to one mapping of fields. This is not true for most other game systems where there are not obvious one to one field conversions.


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    Ahh oversight on my part, thanks for the quick replies.

    I'm looking forward to digging into both of these rulesets more since I just snagged them!

    Edited: This functionality would be great!
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