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    Rise of Tiamat - a more climatic end battle

    OK, I've finally finished all my notes and modifications on Rise of Tiamat for my home campaign. I like the module, but the climatic battle at the end is kind-of-lacking. It's a great scene - while armies fight outside the Well, and dragons are battling in the sky, you're in the temple trying to stop the ritual. Visually, it reminds me of some of the better dungeon/raid boss battles in WoW. But it's not nearly as dynamic. And the ritual is poorly detailed, and Tiamat's power scale is wonky (either the players got many of the reductions, or they got few, and there's little in between).

    I like to think I came up with a good modification for all that, so I thought I'd strip that section (Episode 9) down to its bare metal, and post that here. The result relies solely on having the Rise of Tiamat and Monster Manual modules available. Because of this it flows a little awkwardly at times, since I use reference links instead of incorporating text, but it's very similar to how I *used* to take my notes before FG, so it's still eminently usable.

    Hope you all find this useful.

    PS. Here's the link to the modified Council Scorecard I used.
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    Oh, and if you've downloaded it, I'd really like to hear your opinions on it. Peer review for the win.

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