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    Now Available! The AD&D 1E Ruleset v1.2!

    This ruleset requires the Fantasy Grounds Online Playing Aid (v1.03+/FULL License) and the 3 Core Rulebooks for AD&D 1E including the Player's Handbook, The Dungeon Master's Guide and the Monster Manual. This ruleset does *not* negate the need to own these 3 original Core Books, you will still need them in order to play the game. This ruleset only exists to work as an 'extended' Dungeon Master's/Player's Screen to aid the DM and Players in Adventuring in the world of AD&D, online across either your LAN or the Internet. This program will not create characters for you or do any sort of calculations except what is designed into Fantasy Grounds. You will still need to create characters yourself and get them into the system.

    I am currently updating the AD&D 1E C.A.P. System on my website to be able to create characters that can be directly used with the ruleset, but it's no where close to being done.

    * Character Sheet is based on the original 'Goldenrod' forms.
    * Complete Ability listings.
    * Complete Alignment listings.
    * Complete Race listings for the Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Halfling and Half-Orc including Class limitations, Class Level limitations and Ability Minimums and Maximums.
    * Complete Class listings for the Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Magic-User, Illusionist, Thief, Assassin, Monk and Bard.
    * Complete Spell listings for the Cleric, Druid, Magic-User and Illusionists, including links to referenced spells.
    * Complete Psionic Listings including all Minor Disciplines and Major Sciences.
    * Various tables including Armor information, Weapon Types and Basic Equipment.
    * Movement Tables: Wall Climbing (Feet Per Round of Climbing), Becoming Lost, Movement Afloat (Oared or Sculled In Miles/Day), Movement Afloat (Sailed In Miles/Day), Movement Afoot In Miles/Day, Movement Mounted In Miles/Day and Evading Pursuit Outdoors.
    * Combat Tables: Attack Matrices For Players, Matrix For Clerics Affecting Undead, Attack Matrices For Monsters, Creatures Struck Only By Magic Weapons, Gaze Attacks, Psionic vs. Psionic, Psionic vs. Defenseless Psionic, Psionic vs. Non-Psionic, Psionic Saving Throw Adjustments, Psionic Attack Ranges and Damage Adjustment, 'To Hit' Modifiers, Damage Modifers, Armor Class Modifiers, Hit Point Modifiers, Missile Fire Cover and Concealment Adjustments, Detection of Invisibility, Grenade-like Missiles and Morale.
    * Saving Throw Tables: Characters and Human Types and Magical/Non-Magical Items.
    * Treasure Tables: Treasure types.
    * Other Tables: Listening At Doors, Surprise, Chance of Encounters, Encounter Distance, Avoiding Encounters, Encounter Reactions, Loyalty, Morale (duplicated from Combat Tables), Potion Miscibility, Spell Recovery, and Magical Aging Causes.
    * All Monsters from the 'Monster Manual'.

    If you feel that there are any additional Charts/Tables that need to be added to the ruleset, please let me know and if it deems feasible, I'll get it/them in there. If you have any questions regarding this ruleset, feel free to contact me. Any questions regarding Fantasy Grounds itself should be directed to their support team.

    The file is available here.

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    I'm on the cusp of buying Fantasy Grounds, and as a DM this is the sort of thing that really appeals to me. Being able to adjust and augment rulesets is great. How long did this take you to do? How extensive were you in trandlating the 1st edition rules?

    I'm interested in running some Star Wars games, but I'm not much of a coder. Without being able to get into the guts of the demo, it's impossible to tell how hard it is to do something like this.

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    It took me about 3 weeks (total time) to get everything added in there that I felt were the 'necessities' of running a game.

    You don't really need to know programming - you just take the dummy ruleset that's included and figure out how they did what they did and what needs to go where.

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    Thanks. Sounds like a fairly big job, but probably worth it in the end. Maybe if I'm lucky I can find someone who's already started translating the Star Wars stuff.

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    Now Available! The AD&D 1E Ruleset v1.1!

    Here's the changes since v1.0:

    v1.1 (02/19/2005)
    *Movement: Added the 'Movement and Searching' Table
    *Combat: Added the 'Assassin's Table For Assassinations'

    I'm trying to keep the changes consistant between my Fantasy Grounds Ruleset and kLoOge.Werks Definitions.

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    v1.2 (02/21/2005)
    * Redesigned the Armor, Weapon and Equipment lists. This is to provide more consistancy with my kLoOge.Werks Ruleset and to make updates easier in the future.
    * More extensive Armor, Weapon and Equipment lists. Thanks to nittanyTbone14 for allowing me to use his excel based lists!

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    1st Edition Rules .... rule!

    Elric, I am new to the boards and I would like to commend you on you effort implementing the 1st Edition Rules into FG. I haven't tried it out yet because I haven't purchased FG yet. I am waiting to see what the rest of my group thinks about it. I am pretty much sold on it but wanted to see what the rest of the group thought.
    You mentioned kLoOgE.werks, what did you think of that? I have briefly looked into it and it seems okay. It seems the combat and movement of tokens in combat is lacking in FG, hopefully they can improve upon this. The demo I have is V1.01 and the full version is V1.03, how does V1.03 compair to KLoOgE.werks? Which do you use more, kLoOgE.werks or FG?
    I did want to say that I read through the entire message boards last night and your opinions were very helpful.

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    Why thank you - I appreciate that.

    If you try to compare FG and KW, it's apples and oranges - they both [pretty much] do the same things, just in different ways. One program has stuff that I wish the other had and vice versa.

    I went with both programs since I felt that offered the widest range of being able to play since I live in the Styx and the only live play that is offered around here is 3x+ and I'm an old dog that refuses to learn new tricks when it comes to my RPG of choice.

    I knew when I embarked on this quest (of playing online) that I would probably have to buckle down and do the rulesets myself - but hey, I'm a programmer and I wanted to learn XML anyway since I can apply what I learn via the Games into my work programming. :lol:

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    I just went to your website and downloaded the ruleset for 1st edition. I just poked around through the xml and png files to see what was in there. Have you thought about adding content from Unearthed Arcana? I don't know if you consider that 1st edition or not but we got somewhat attached to this book with the new classes and new spells.
    Once I buy FG maybe I may take this on as a task. Is each directory in the \FantasyGrounds\rulesets a seperate selection that comes up when you first start up the game?

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    I plan on adding Unearthed Arcana, Monster Manual 2 and the Fiend Folio later down the road - depending on how great the demand for the ruleset is.

    Until then, I've just been putting in (for my own use) the things that I need for myself. I have a Database that I'm running from my site where I can input the monsters and then dump the XML info for input into FG (and KW), but it just takes time to get the info in there. :lol:

    Each ruleset comes up as a separate entry when you go to create a new campaign. Once the campaign is initially created, when you go back to work on it the appropriate ruleset will be loaded.

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