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    Is anyone playing Mutants and Mastermind in Fantasy Ground?

    I was thinking of purchasing this because I have some friends across the country who would like to play a Superhero Game.

    We are Champions players, I had bought a bunch of the Mutant and Masterminds books to look at (probably version 1&2) but never saw enough to convince me away from Champions.

    I am really enjoying Fantasy grounds and since Champions is still under development, I wondered if anyone was using it and if it was worth buying? Does it play well enough and have enough rules or will my friend around the country have to buy the books also?

    I also couldn't find youtube videos of gameplay so that scared me a little bit!

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    it is an older ruleset - it was built under FG2 and not on CoreRPG. It is very usable. There are many good rulesets (Star Wars: Edge of the Empire is an example) that are not CoreRPG and are still very good.
    It is not a big seller and you dont see many games advertised. That being said far and away most users of FG never use these boards. Ever. They are off happily playing their games with their group. There are some stats somewhere showing quarterly numbers of games being played...

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    Thanks for the quick response. That helps. I will see if I my group wants to try out Mutants and Masterminds or wait for Champions.

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    I stopped by here out of curiosity, but got a surprise out of this discussion. If you are running your game online, and are looking for another player, send me a message. I love Champions, and have been playing since 3rd Edition. I like the 6th Edition, but I haven't had a chance to play it yet.

    Keep me posted.

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    I will do. I found someone's beginning of 6e for FG. I also see there is someone working on 5e for FG for champions.

    I am currently running a couple of DND campaigns and have some friend across the country who are Superhero fanatics (I have been playing champions since 1st ed and have most stuff up through 5e)I will keep you informed if we decide to try champions through FG. Do you have any interest in trying Mutants and Masterminds if we go that route? I played at Gen Con Demo table 3 years ago but not super familiar with it. Just curious. I hope to see a champions version on FG soon.

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    Yes, M&M 3rd Ed would be just fine. I ran a few sessions of the game a year and a half ago at Roll20.net. I had to stop it for various personal reasons, one of them being that it was just a quick game for me to explore the rules set and experience the system. I had some fun, and definitely would play it as well. There are quite a lot of possibilities with that system.

    Right now, I would be looking either for an M&M or Champions game.

    If you have any open spots, let me know. =)

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    Will do. I will make a posting and see if we can get people if things start moving forwards. you are at the top of the list.

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    Thanks. Looking forward to the possibilities. =)

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    I might be interested as well, bepending on the days/times. I have played using M&M 3e ruleset for FG. It really is well done.

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    I see in the FG Store they sell a rule set, but I don't see any other M&M specific products, i.e. tokens, maps, portraits. I can probably make or come up with character tokens on my own but I have yet to find any easy to use mapping tools to create modern city blocks to conduct classic battles in the street, or decent tokens to represent modern vehicles or object for the heroes and villains to throw around.

    Where are you getting your maps tokens etc. to run games where you don't have to resort to using fantasy themed materials?

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