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    Thanks for the comment, Ilwar. I don't doubt it. I normally screen my tokens before a game to find out which ones I might use that game, and only inlcude those (not just status; monsters, characters, ambience, etc.). I am also anitcipating the release of the v1.04, but even after it arrives, even I don't expect to use all of these tokens. I have actualy made more tokens than I think that people will use at once, just so they have theoption to use the ones they like best. And if they use them all, great. If not, hopefully there is something here that they can make use of. As I said earlier, I only really use the "your turn", "held", "dead", and a status"!" from the first pack. The others are all artwork I expect to use more once I can organize my token box and have it stay organized thru FG restart.

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    Status Tokj

    In response to richvalle, I went ahead and uploaded a bunch of generic "size" tokens in a couple different colors. They are designed to work with Dundjinni maps, using the standard exporting scale of 50 pixels = a 5 foot square. The size tokens do not quite fill all the squares that the size category occupies that way there is a border around them to place tokens, etc. The border is 10 pixels deep for Medium, and 20 pixels for the other sizes.

    I have done the sizes Medium (use same token for Small) through Collossal, but the tokens for Tiny and smaller were just too blurry to be worth including. I reccomend you use the standard FG tokens for those.

    Host, distribute, and use to your heart's content.


    Link here.

    Yes, Angelfire sucks, so if the banner loads over the Image for status pack 4, just reload or save the image to preview whats in the pack.

    Edit: replyed to wrong person, listed wrong Requestee (sp?). Enjoy, rv and the rest of you.

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    Thank you very much!!


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