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    Spell List

    Im playing a Cleric and i was looking intro my spells list and i was scrolling the sheet, because the level spell was selected i scroll that field and not the sheet, this appenned a bunch of times before i realize that i had some negative level spells around, strange i tought, was just then that i realize what i was doing. Any ideas on how to prevent this situations?

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    It seems to me that modifying the numcontrol that controls the level of the spell by adding

    <limits minimum="0" maximum="9" />

    to each of the spell levels would accomplish this. The dev's have already done a similar thing for the Ability scores (check out the strength score for example) and it isnt inconcievable to do that to the spell levels too. Also spells per day should at least have a minimum limit of zero set. Hmm maybe some things to add to the next patch, or to have someone do a modified charsheet. Maybe I'll do one if i have time..

    Anyways, my thoughts on how to stop ppl from having some level -2 spells lol.


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