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    Play Vin Diesel's Witch Hunter from Critical Roll!

    If you haven't seen it yet, Critical Roll (found on Geek & Sundry) had a streamed event with Vin Diesel playing a Witch Hunter character that Matt Mercer created just for him. The PDF of this was made available for people to use and I went ahead and converted it into Fantasy Grounds. Matt has now granted permission for me to share this with the public, so here it goes.

    Short video showing it off:

    Download the attachement and place it in your Fantasy Grounds module folder. It should then show up inside your Fantasy Grounds 5E campaigns for activation under the Library > Modules window.


    Moderator: I have added the Blood Hunter mod as done by spite (see post #60) here too. (This one is now at v 1.7 - see post #69)

    P.S. The PDF used as the source for this is freely available from Geek & Sundry here:

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    Watched that episode and I am glad you were able to get permission. This is cool!

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    Very cool.

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    So I went to see the movie. It wasn't an amazing movie, but it wasn't the worst film I've ever watched, either. Let's call it a fun two hours--not the point, anyway.

    So there were about 7 people in the theater, at prime time. As we were all filing out of the exit I said, how many of us saw this because we love D&D?

    All 7. And all seven said they saw the Critical Roll video and that got them even more excited to see it.
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    Very nice Doug!

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    It was a very fun two hours. I kept waiting to hear "You know nothing, witch hunter!"

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    Theres an almost a 5 hour extended video...
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    5 hour extended video of what, the Critical Role session? Where would I go to find that?

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    Hmm now I can't find it. I came across it and thought I marked it to watch later when I had 5 hours free but it's not anywhere I can find.
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    Thanks so much Doug for putting this together!

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