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    Strain-Injury HP Variant Extension

    This extension modifies the base 3.5/PF ruleset to support the Strain-Injury HP Variant rules. You can find these rules at either of the following links:

    This extension handles everything in these rules automatically, with one exception, failed saving throws. Since the ruleset does not establish any connection between saving throws rolled via the Cast button, and any subsequent damage roll, a little manual user intervention is required in this case. On the modifiers window you will find a new "Injury" button, which you should click before rolling the damage against any targetted creatures that failed their save.

    Version History
    0.1 10/09/2015 Initial Release
    0.2 10/11/2015 Fixed compatibility issue with the RemoveEffectTag extension. Fixed bug where FHEAL and REGEN wouldn't work if the target only had Injury damage.
    1.0 11/04/2015 Updated for 3.1.3 release of FG.
    1.1 11/04/2015 Token dot/bar health indicators are now colored correctly. Previously, changes to the injury field did not trigger updating.
    1.2 02/27/2016 Updated for 3.1.6. Removed nonlethal damage, strain is now equivalent to nonlethal. Merged in some ruleset changes that were being overwritten.
    1.3 07/23/2016 Updated for 3.2.0.
    1.3.1 11/04/2016 A few more changes for the final release of 3.2.0. Should be completely 3.2.0 compatible now.
    1.3.2 11/15/2016 Fix Modifier Window Title String Resource.
    1.3.3 01/14/2017 3.2.2 compatibility changes.
    1.4.0 04/14/2017 3.3.0 compatibility changes.
    1.5.0 09/19/2017 3.3.2 compatibility changes
    1.5.1 09/25/2017 3.3.2 client CT compatibility changes.
    1.5.2 09/27/2017 Apparently FG doesn't like '--' comments in <script> blocks. Removed them so that updateHealthDisplay is defined once again.
    1.5.3 10/15/2017 Fix script error when checking for existence of "Stable" effect.
    1.6 4/28/2018 3.3.5 compatibility changes.
    1.7 7/25/2018 Fix token health dot/bar color issue.
    1.8 8/3/2018 3.3.6 compatibility changes.
    1.9 11/26/2018 3.3.7 compatibility changes.
    1.10 12/19/2018 Fix health bar discrepancies in party sheet.
    1.10.1 12/19/2018 Fix client CT script errors and UI layout problems.
    1.20 1/13/2019 Damage taken as a result of a failed saving throw is now injury damage.
    1.22 7/23/2019 3.3.8 compatibility changes.
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    1.20 for 3.3.7: StrainInjury.ext

    1.22 for 3.3.8: StrainInjury.ext
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    List of ruleset files modified:

    Ruleset files added:
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    Will be trying this out tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Edit: The strain/injury portion of the mod seemed to work as intended. However, version 1.1.2 of Remove Effect Tag ceased to function. Also, damage in the Injury column did not heal on overnight rest.

    I also had some masks removed from my maps, but I was not able to replicate this error. It may have just been a random fluctuation of the universe.
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    According to what I read, Injury is not supposed to heal on an overnight rest. Here's the quote from the doc that leads me to believe this:

    The Heal skill
    Injuries don’t heal on their own. Unlike the original Hit Point rule, you can’t just sleep off a gut-slash or a second-degree burn in a few days. You need medical attention to heal Injuries, be it a use of the Heal skill or magical healing. In many situations, characters are going to see much greater value in the Heal skill now that splinting their own broken leg is a need that might arise.
    Of course there are some other variants proposed in that thread on the Paizo forums (a Fort save lets you heal injuries while resting for instance).

    Adding settings for this extension is an option, but not sure when I would get to it.

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    Need to splice the block of code from the Remove extension into the manager_effect.lua file. It's a single piece of code with tagged beginnings and ends. Shouldn't be hard to incorporate into this extension.
    I never claimed to be sane. Besides, it's more fun this way.

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    Trenloe helped me fix the Remove Effect issue in a way that didn't require duplicating the code for that extension in mine. Also found and fixed a bug where FHEAL and REGEN wouldn't work if the target only had Injury damage. Version 0.2 has been uploaded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Man Trouble View Post
    I also had some masks removed from my maps, but I was not able to replicate this error. It may have just been a random fluctuation of the universe.
    I've experienced this behavior with masks applied to maps coming from adventure modules, and that adventure module gets updated. It seems to break the link between the map and the mask.

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    Updated to version 1.0 for 3.1.3.

    ...and uploaded version 1.1 which fixes token health bar/dot coloring.
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