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    so i just checked out the tabletop connect site... and holy crap!!!!! THAT is what i've always wanted to do on my computer for Roleplaying!

    amazing aquisition!

    but... does this mean waiting another 2 years for a unity client?

    even more important... does this mean more waiting to get the 5th edition DMG? <whimper>

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    Oh man, I'm pretty happy you guys will be working together instead of competing with each other!

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    For those not familiar with TTC... This is how I'll run until the final product.
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    Will the 3d environment replace the desktop background or be in another window like maps/images are now? Will there still be a 2d option?
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    From what I've read 2d and 2.5d will be there... how they will do the 3d I have no clue.

    I've been in both environments and just mashed them together to get the best of both worlds.

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    amazing News for all! I look forward to seeing any improvements that will come along with the acquisition of Tabletop Connect!

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    Congrats! Great news indeed!

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    Now add a voice and video streaming solution (video windows hovering around the virtual table in 3D?) and oculus rift and I will never leave the house again for gaming.
    Probably an extension for ordering pizza online would be nice too

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    Sounds like a cool thing. Congratulations.
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