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    Request for next patch / improvements

    After having played 5 times now, me and my group have some request, that would improve FG.

    :arrow: The players are missing the possibility to write in the the notebook, when they are not online. A long description or history of a character that is to be revealed during the campaign can not be stored before play. Also the notebook doesnt accept copy/paste as the GMs storybook feature does, so even writing text in word or wordpad cannot be copy/pasted into notebook during play nor into chatbox. A dragable textbox formatting for the notebook would be useful also.

    :arrow: As DM my rolls are being revealed to the players along with the modification. I dont want my players to see modfications, only the result. The shady GM-dice have no effect if roll is showed anyway.

    :arrow: When making dice macros (ex: /die 1d20+3 Attack Roll v. AC it would be nice to set the dice to an X or something. I like rolling the dice when I attack, but I want the text to go along automaticly. It would be something like "/die 1dX+3 Attack Roll v. AC and text appears after rolling dice. That would enable more hotkeys possiblities like having a row of hotkeys for damage (/die 1dX, 1dX+1, 1dX+2, 1dX+3 etc. Damage Rolls) that would cover almost all damage issues, along with the DM being able to actually "roll" damage, without writing text and setting modifications manually.

    :arrow: Monsters and NPCs Attack Bonus is not dragable from their info sheets. That feature would be much more important than the CR (that actually is dragable).

    :arrow: Tokens box becomes very crowded when using many tokens. I use self created monster token (20 pieces 50x50 px) and NPC Tokens (20 pieces 50x50 px). If the box would have the a "Add New Category" feature like the maps section for different kind of tokens, U could manage them much better. Different Token boxes for different use would be very nice.

    :arrow: The Common modifier overview cannot be dragged into hotkeys, only the single modifers. I could use the overview on a hotkey,

    Well that was what we have talked about so far. We are enjoying FG alot these days and hope we might get lucky that maybe some issues have chances to be part of future patches.

    THX for listening
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    I agree about the token box. Mines getting filled with too many

    Monsters, icons, spell effects, npcs.

    If could provide a tab for each selection. And have the Host and Shared folder split into subfolders for the tabs.

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    Sorry for making a new thread. I copied the message to this thread https://forums.fantasygrounds.com/vi....php?p=929#929

    Guess this one can be deleted
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