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    Quote Originally Posted by Mask_of_winter View Post
    I was hoping Primeval Thule would be ready by now so I could prep for it.
    BOOM! Just got my Kickstarter bundle.

    No excuses now mate. 273 pages - off you go!
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    FG Con 16 Fantasy Grounds Online RPG Convention - Friday April 24th to Sunday April 26th, 2020
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    Bit late to this thread, but just posted a game... :S

    Hope not too late!
    My players just defeated an army, had a dogfight with aliens, machine-gunned the zombies, stormed the tower, became Legendary and died heroically

    Yours are still on combat round 6

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    46 events right now. Lots of Pathfinder Society and Savage Worlds. We also have some D&D5e, Call of Cthulhu, Trail of Cthulhu, BRP, Champions, Fate Core, Dungeon World and Rolemaster. The event is less than two weeks away. There are still open seats, hurry before there are all gone.

    Whether you want to try out D&D 5e on Fantasy Grounds, try out another system or are looking for a steady D&D group to join you can't go wrong with FG Con. You'll get to meet other players and DMs. Some groups get formed or players find out about other regular games looking for players during the FG Con.

    There are currently 5 D&D 5e games all with seats to fill. Come check it out!
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    I had lots of fun over the weekend at fg con and got to try out lots of rulesets and settings. Thanks to all the players and GMs who I shared a table with. And of course thanks to damned and trenloe and the team who organised it, I am sure its a headache to pull together but it us really appreciated.
    Finally, when's the next one?
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