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    Zacchaeus Out of the Abyss Map mod

    For those of you who own this, or are thinking of buying it then you will want more maps, and Zacchaeus' OotA map mod fulfils that need.

    This module contains a total of 27 maps, with roughly half of them being for encounters where I felt a map would be useful (or even necessary) and the other half for use with the many potential random encounters. I have wrapped the package up in a module with story entries for each map pointing the DM in the direction of where the map can be used and other (hopefully) helpful information (see screenshot).

    Unfortunately the module is far too big to post on the forum so I've put it in dropbox and you can download it here.

    I attach one of the bigger maps as a sample of the work. All of the maps are at 96dpi, are gridless (with a guide square) and were drawn at a scale of 1 square = 5'.

    Once you have downloaded the module place it in your User/AppData/Roaming/Fantasy Grounds/modules folder. Next time you load FG you will find the module in your library ready for use with OotA. Of course the module can also be used, as is, with any 5e campaign (although the story text won't make much sense). If you want to use the maps without the story text download the mod and then right click on it. Choose 'Rename' from the drop down menu. Now change the extension .mod to .zip. You can now unzip the newly renamed file and you will find all of the maps in the folder you unzipped it too. You can then drag any of the maps into any FG campaign.

    EDIT: Following some excellent advice from the inestimable Trenloe I have managed to reduce the size of these maps by a very significant amount. The mod has now shrunk from 30mb to just a tad over 14Mb. This will mean that some of the bigger maps will share much more quickly and I would strongly advise that you download the mod again if you have already done so. (If you haven't what are you waiting for?) There is absolutely no reduction in quality in any of the maps following this magical transformation.
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    Thanks alot mate, these will come in handy for this adventure and many more, i'm sure.

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    Indeed, excellent job Zacchaeus.

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    This is some excellent work! Thank you so much, Zacch.
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    Thank you so much

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    Grabbed them anyhow, I can never have enough maps handy, as I've yet to figure out a program and imaged I'm comfortable with.
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    Thanks Zac, that's some good work and it will definitely come in handy when I run the adventure.

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    Downloading them even as I am typing here.

    Thank you so much for the maps!!
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    Thank you for your effort, Zacchaeus.
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    Thanks so much Zacchaeus, A+

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