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    More Star Wars Maps

    Permission for Non-Commercial use only. If used please link to this post and credit OTG_Wraith. Thank you...

    Here are some additional Star Wars maps (And they're in the right place this time!)

    Large Cantina

    Landing Bay Aurek Three Niner

    Asteroid Base

    Asteroid Base Layout in SW Holoimage style
    Asteroid Base Layout.jpg

    Major Starport

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    Nicely done.

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    I forgot one... This map and the previous post's maps are of Junkfort Station which is a shadowport between Hutt space and the Centrality along the Triellus Trade Route spinward from Kessel. This makes it a natural spice distribution port and incidentally an excellent place for ship's services and illegal mods and upgrades.


    Also here's some planets I made for the region...




    Sy Myrth.jpg

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