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Thread: Elven Ruins

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    Elven Ruins

    Gone are the days of a battle map and some lines hand drawn by yours truly. So 4th map I've made following tutorials on how to do battle maps using gimp and or Photoshop. If there's interest I'm happy to share my other work once I've used it in my campaigns. Or the tutorials I read and used.

    Elven Ruins.jpg

    And now into the crypt...

    Did this this afternoon..luckily as my players completely ignored the first building and went straight down to one died yet..just a donkey.
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    some big bad spiders living there i think.... good work.

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    Hopefully Giant Spiders...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyghtmare View Post
    Hopefully Giant Spiders...
    Giant spiders, swarm of spiders, giant wolf spiders oh my!

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    You've got talent. Nice map buddy!
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    Nice map. Why the grid? I save mine gridless and just use the grid in FG...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgentaler View Post
    If there's interest I'm happy to share my other work once I've used it in my campaigns.
    Definitely interest in seeing other maps you've made. This one's very cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andraax View Post
    Nice map. Why the grid? I save mine gridless and just use the grid in FG...
    Never though of that just easier to work with on my end for keeping track of size..could just put one square as a key so i could have FG grid line up.

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    If you don't use the grid to create and size the map then you might end up with something that's sized right, say 47.7 pixels or something else that won't work in FG. Also where you arbitrarily put the size square might not line up properly with where you placed a door or item or something like that. Also maybe someone's in a hurry and just wants to zoom in make a grid and be done instead of having to hunt for whatever key square you placed off on an edge of a map to get the grid sized right.

    I'd say it's always best to build with the grid on and just produce two versions with and without a grid for everyone to enjoy.

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    That's a very nice map, I like the style of it.

    I'm interested in knowing if you could please supply some links to the tutorials that you used to learn this skill.


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