This patch has the following features:
  • Feature: The tab key can be used to move to and from number fields. The personality and character sheets have been updated to take advantage of this feature.
  • Feature: The delete record option in the sheet radial menu has been moved into a submenu to avoid accidental deletes.
  • Feature: Campaigns can now be exported as modules. A module contains the story, personality and item entries, and images with drawings and masks not applied. To export a module, use the command:
    /export [module file name] [description]
    The file name can't contain spaces, and will be prepended with ".mod" if not specified. The description will be the text visible on the module selection sheet.
  • Fix: Player hot keys now save properly between sessions
  • Fix: Better error reporting when encountering invalid ruleset definitions.
  • Fix: Fixed the space/reach, speed, AC and type fields on the NPC sheets to span several lines if needed.
  • Fix: Implemented some optimizations that should decrease the CPU usage for Fantasy Grounds when no processor intensive actions are performed, hopefully resulting in a more enjoyable operation on some laptops.
  • Fix: Underlining rows in formatted text controls would occasionally fail in long text blocks. This has been fixed.
  • Fix: Fixed a synchronization bug preventing tokens on a sheet from displaying after the sheet is shared.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that would prevent some rotated tokens from displaying.
  • Fix: (Custom ruleset modifications only) If the token box is defined as a dynamic sheet, tokens outside shrinked borders will move with the resized border.
  • Fix: Fixed a crash that happened if the GM closed a sheet for all players, and a player had the radial menu open on that sheet.